Sheet metal cutting

We have a fibre laser (Bystronic 10 kW), acquired in 2022, with the capacity to deliver fast single pieces and large batches.


We can handle a wide range of plates with a variety of edging and bending equipment.


Our modern, spacious production facilities allow us to weld large pieces. Our new welding robot (PEMA) and several welding stations are suitable for varying welding configurations. We weld all types of steel.


Our small-scale in-house machine shop and our long-term machining partners enable us to machine everything from lathing to machining welded structures.

Surface treatment

With our new surface treatment line, acquired in 2023, we can surface-treat large pieces to the latest requirements (e.g. C5M).


Our modern assembly line allows for a wide range of complex assemblies as well as various types of electrical assemblies.


We have most plate sizes (1–25 mm) and various types of tubes, beams and other steel grades in stock. We can also stock your products and deliver them to your doorstep at the agreed time!

Machine List

  • Fibre laser Bystronic
  • Break presses Bystronic
  • Welding robot PEMA
  • Surface treatment line Sasmetor

Listed are only our most important machines.
We’re happy to give you more information about our machinery!